Architect Nona Yehia received her Master of Architecture in 1997 from Columbia University.  After graduation she had the honor of working with professors Jesse Reiser + Nanako Umemoto on a range of projects including large scale cultural projects and innovative residences.  Jefferson Ellinger received his Masters of Architecture from Columbia University after completing his B.S. in Architecture from the Ohio State University.  Upon graduation, Jefferson worked for such esteemed architects as Peter Eisenmann and Greg Lynn.  In 2002, Jefferson and Nona partnered to form Ellinger / Yehia Architects or E/Ye Design.  Shortly thereafter the pair were selected by the Museum of Modern Art to compete in the Young Architects Competition.

In 2003 Nona and Jefferson brought E/Ye Design to Jackson, Wyoming.  Each project undertaken by the firm is treated as part of a continuous exploration: one that investigates the cross section between architecture, landscape and sustainability via an understanding of inter-relationships between form, material and flow.  Nona is very active in the community in Jackson and has served on a multitude of boards including the Center for the Arts, the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Art Association of Jackson Hole.  Jefferson is an Associate Professor at University of North Carolina, Charlotte and specializes in sustainable design technique as applied to the discipline of architecture.

Practicing in Jackson, Wyoming since 2003, E/Ye Design is recognized and celebrated for it’s innovative, creative response to each project whether it be residential, commercial or civic.  The firm has worked closely with its clients to produce a unique body of work that encompasses one of a kind spaces that are sensitive to the needs of program, budget, and timeframe.  Our commitment to developing a close creative process with each client is what enables the firm to take on a wide range of projects that vary in scale, use, context and style.  Each project is an opportunity to respond to the vision of the client through a development of form, flow and materials.  This unique approach not only makes us stand out from other local design firms but results in dynamic and singular spaces that create excitement within the community.